Ultimate Guide On How And Why To Shop Online In Uganda



The world is fast evolving and technology is advancing now and then, so knowing how to buy products you need online conveniently can save you a lot.

There is no need to get frustrated with shopping your desired items when suubula is there. In situations like Covid19, you need to avoid contacts with people.

You have to stay home, safe and shop online.

In this post, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown of Online shopping including an explanation of why shopping online consistently is important, how to shop online and 8 suggestions if you are new to online shopping.

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What is online shopping?

Online shopping is just the same as entering some one’s store, choose the product you want, put the product in the bag and pay for it. The difference between offline and online shopping is that for online you have your product delivered at your door step while you relaxed.

More so, for online market places like suubula that are built for trust between sellers and buyers can help you shop items you love at ease.


Why you should always shop online in Uganda

The first time I went for shopping in Kampala city, it was really frustrating. I wanted new trending clothes. I moved shop to shop looking for clothes, started sweating and eventually got tired. As I almost went back home, I landed on a boutique , popped it in and started checking out the new clothes they had. I could not find what I wanted, so I just picked up a few clothes and went back home. Imagine after spending to and from transport and did not get what I want. If you are reading this guide, this is not what you should pass through.

If you are in cities like Kampala which are big in size with million of shops, it’s really not easy to get what you want as fast as you want.

Thanks to suubula online market place where you can buy many products of different sellers as you want in one cart and make an order in one click.

You don’t have to move in jam or risk your life on a boda boda looking for items to buy. Just go to Google, type in suubula, get linked to Suubula site and buy the products you need in a few clicks.

It is surely easy to get what you are looking for at Suubula.

  • You don’t have to deal with rough sellers and get treated as if you are too needy. At suubula, customers are treated as Kings and Queens. We engage from the time you make your ordere until you receive your item
  • Get the best quality products at the lowest price. At Suubula quality is priority. We check six times before your product is delivered. Surely, you have to get the best quality product and what you ordered
  • You don’t have to wait in line waiting to pay the item you need. Sometimes in supermarkets, you have to line up after adding your products to the basket, ofcourse no one likes that. At suubula, no lining up, order and have your items delivered.
  • Less costly to shop online. There is no need to spend transport to and from shopping malls. Just make an order to have your items delivered and save money.
  • Compare prices. Online shopping helps you compare products and easily get value for your money. At suubula there are variety of products from different sellers, you are able to compare prices, read reviews and have the best choice items.

Generally, shopping online is really easy and cost effective, good enough Suubula is there for you.


The history of online shopping (e-commerce)

 Online shopping is also known as e-commerce. E-commerce is called electronic commerce.

By definition online shopping| e-commerce refers to the buying and selling of products on the internet. It started 40 years ago up to today and it continues to grow with a new technology.

Online shopping became possible when internet was open to public in 1991. Amazon.com located in USA was the first online shopping site to sell products online. Today, there are many shopping sites, the Suubula you see here is among them.

Its today that we may not live without online shopping, the convenience , safety and user experience of e-commerce has improved exponentially since its inception.

For more information on the history of online shopping, read The curious origins of online shopping by BBC


Terms to know

  • Cart- basket or bag
  • commerce - electronic commerce
  • Shipping - delivery
  • Product reviews - feed back from people who bought the product you want to buy too


The pros and cons of online shopping

Pros of online shopping

  • The store is never closed
  • Choose from a variety of products
  • Compare prices with ease
  • Most online sites sell products at low costs, so you save money
  • There are no annoying crowds. For days like black Friday, you don’t have to fight looking for the low priced goods. Just buy in a few clicks at Suubula
  • No frustration to get what you are looking for.
  • Enjoy virtual promotions and shop items at very low prices


Cons of online shopping

  • Check information like the return policy before buying. View suubula return policy
  • View additional fees on the product like shipping fees before buying
  • Its not easy to know if the shopping site is legit or safe. Suubula is both offline and online. Surely, you can really trust Suubula
  • For more information, read The pros and cons of online shopping by The balance


How to practically buy products online at Suubula using a smart phone

In this step by step guideline, we shall buy the product on Suubula home page.

Step 1: Make sure your device is connected to internet

Check well if your smart phone is connected to internet or if you have active data bundles. If the internet connection is well connected then you are ready to access Suubula

Step 2: Use your favorite web browser to access Suubula

Open a web browser like Google chrome from your smart phone, then in the search bar, type in in suubula.com and confirm your search. You will be linked to Suubula home page.


Search Suubula.com on google

Step 3: Look for the product you want to buy

At Suubula platform, there are many products and you can easily find what you want. There are many options on how to look for what you want, you can:

  • Navigate through categories to easily find what you want and even see more optional products
  • Find the product you are looking for on the home page if you are lucky
  • Make a search for the product you want, most people find this as the easiest way to look for what they want.

For demonstration, we shall search for earpodsand results for earpods will be yielded. From the search results, click on the earpods image and you will be linked to the earpods page as shown below

Suubula search for products

Step 4: Add the product to cart(ear pods)

  • On this page, read the description, view earpods images and finally click add to cart button.

Suubula apple ear pods page

  • You will be linked to the cart page, add instructions for the seller for example I need black ear pods, the seller will follow your instructions.

Suubula cart page

  • Click order now button, you will be linked to the order page



    Step 5: Make an order for the product (earpods)

    •  On the order page, fill in the address form effectively according to where your ear pods to be delivered, then click continue to shipping where you will be shown delivery fees.

    Suubula order page

    • Click continue to payment and finally click complete order button. Finally follow the prompts to pay for the product (ear pods)

    Tips and reminders for online shopping

    • It is really to shop at Suubula but here are tips and reminders to help you become a pro at online shopping:
    • At the order page, please give clear address so we can reach you easily
    • Please read product description so that you can get a clear view of what you are buying
    • Check how many products you have added to cart before ordering
    • Check delivery rates be fore paying for the products, Suubula delivery rates are very low and some times free
    • Always read product reviews to help you on your buying decision
    • Don’t share your Suubula account password with friends for security reason.
    • Read the return policy in case you don’t like the product,
    • Suubula accepts returns in case you don’t get what you expected. We can exchange the product or refund you.
    • Review the product after buying the product



    Feeling inspired!

    There  has always been a misconception that online products are expensive and you don’t get what you ordered. That is not true with suubula. At Suubula you get exactly what you ordered

    I think now you know what online shopping is and why you should shop online. The best practices in this article to do while shopping online will really help you and make good decisions.

    Don’t get frustrated take the lessons from this article to help you reduce stress.

    Are reading product reviews before you buy?


    Are you reading product policy and return policy before you buy?


    Are you giving clear addresses to where your goods will be delivered?


    Are you checking carefully the products you added to cart?


    Understand online shopping and give the questions above some thought, you will not regret it.




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