Image Requirements

Suubula product image requirements

Every product on Suubula needs more than one image. The image that is displayed in the search results, first image to be viewed by the customer on the product page is called the MAIN image

As a saying says “An image is worth a thousand words”, so choosing clear images, rich in information and easy to understand is a huge advantage for you as a seller


Note: In case of any conflict or overlap, the guidelines take precedence. We reserve the right to remove the images if they do not meet our standards. Please read this guide carefully to avoid inconvenience


General product image standards

  • Images MUST match the original physical product offered for sale by the buyer
  • The product and all its features must be clearly visible
  • MAIN images should have a pure white back ground
  • MAIN images must be clear photos representing the actual product ( They must not include text that is not relevant to the product or water marks, logos that these may distract customer attention)
  • Images must match the product titleproduct name
  • Images must not contain nudity or be sexually suggestive
  • Shoes MAIN images should be of a single shoe, facing left at a 45-degree angle.
  • Women’s and Men’s Clothing MAIN images should be photographed on a model.
  • All Kids & Baby Clothing images should be photographed flat (off-model)
  • Images with product in packaging or brand or swing tags are prohibited




  • Models that are sitting, kneeling, leaning or lying down (models must be standing)
  • Images with product in packaging or brand or swing tags
  • Images of kids and baby leotards, underwear or swimwear that have been photographed on a model

Example: Images accepted and images not accepted


MAIN images should have pure white back ground

Not Accepted                             
white back ground recommended


Images with product in packaging or brand or swing tags are prohibited

Not accepted because the product image is in a package Accepted




Not accepted because the image is not taken from the model

 Accepted, image is taken on a standing model



Listing products at Suubula is really easy, following the above instructions will help you increase chances for customers to buy your products.