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Welcome to selling on Suubula

Nothing to hide. At Suubula we are obsessed with customers. Customers want a trusted source where they can buy a variety of goods with ease which will make sellers like you important. Every day, we are working hard to look for ways to add value to our customers. As a Suubula seller you take part in giving these customers the best selection, best prices and the best user experience.

Before you start

How to register

To register on Suubula is very easy, click on this link, fill in your information in the form and create your account. Suubula gives you a chance to list unlimited products and take a commission only when you sell.

FAQ: Are there other hidden fees that I have to pay?

Simple answer, No. click here to view seller pricing plans 

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 What you need to get started

All you need is to make a valid account on Suubula is:

  • Phone number
  • E-Mail where you will receive your orders
  • Mobile money number or bank account number where we shall send you money amounting to your sales

How much it costs

At Suubula, there are different selling fees that you might pay depending on your selling plan

Subscription fees.

Subscription fees are fees that you pay for your selling plan and they vary depending on which plan you select.

  • The Freemium selling plan is completely Free forever. It is recommended to start from the Freemium plan and then advance 
  • On the Silver selling plan, there is a flat fee of Shs49,000 per month and 0% transaction fees. Transaction fees are fees charged when a customer pays for a product through the marketplace. 
  • On the Gold selling plan, there is a flat fee of Shs99,000 per month and 0% transaction fees.

Seller account

What is Suubula seller account

Suubula seller account is a resource that helps you manage your online shop. It includes reports like monthly sales, store statistics, top sold products and more. It is also where you can add and edit your product information, manage inventory, where you receive and confirm orders.


Product listing

Each product listed on Suubula is unique. This is the information that is unique:

  • Product title
  • Product ID
  • SKU (Store keeping Unit)
  • Product images
  • Image variations
  • Product variations

 Here is a quick video guide on how to list your products

A successful listing will help you grow your sales

Make it easy for buyers to access and understand what you are selling, this will be a big impact for the success of your online shop. Please avoid negative things that can impact your shop.

Here are some best practices:

Variation issues

If your product vary only by colour, size or scent, we encourage you to use variants to avoid product repetition, however, there are situations where you have to ask yourself if the customer expects to find your products on the same page if you use variants or you can list them separately


Image requirements

You MUST meet Suubula image requirements. Images must be of high quality and with a pure white background. Clothing images for men and women must be taken from the model.

Kids clothing images should not be taken on the model (Flat)

View more information on product image requirements: Must read


Product description

You must add a product description that highlights the features of your product and the reason why customers should buy it. We recommend you use bullet points to highlight the features of your product. Aim at writing concise and clear descriptions.

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Product details

A product detail page is where you find relevant information about the product. Its where the product image, description and variants are found. If you have ever shopped on Suubula, I think you recognized this.

Product details include:

Product title\ Product name: Capitalize the first letter of every word (200 characters max)


Product image

500 * 500 pixels for quality images and they must have a white background


If your product varies in colour, size or weight, make sure you use variants to avoid product repetition


Add a clear and concise product description. Use bullet points to highlight the features of your product. Bold the words you would like to emphasize to the customer. More so we recommend you use keywords to help customers easily find your products.


Add weight to your products to help the delivery system determine the weight of the customers’ order

Category\ Collection

Add your products to the right categories so that customers can easily find your products. If you add your product to the wrong category, customers may not find your products, so please check before if you have chosen the right category before you save changes


Delivering  Products

Delivery of the product is handled by Suubula. When you receive an order via your e-mail, log in to your seller account and confirm the order. Lastly, deliver the product to our store in Ntinda and wait for the payment.


After making a sale

Getting your first sale on Suubula is a huge milestone and when your store is up and running, you should keep this in mind


Customer reviews

You should keep customer reviews in mind because they are an integral part of shopping experience on Suubula. Customer reviews benefit both the seller and customer. If you get a negative product review, It's time to improve your product and if you get a positive customer review, congratulation, the customer is likely to recommend others to buy your product.

Growth opportunity

Suubula has powerful tools in place to help you grow your business. This is a chance for you to to sell to thousands of internet users that visit Suubula and take your business to the next level

Promotions and coupons

Customers want to save and promotions are huge incentives for them to buy. There are different types of promotions which include:

Percentage off, Fixed amount off, Free shipping and buy X and get Y free with a discount code or digital coupon.

Tips and reminders to help you grow

  • Expand your listing by listing more products
  • Set competitive prices by running promotions. Contact us in case you need to run a promotion.
  • Select the right categories for your products
  • Use quality images for your products and follow image requirements
  • Start with capital letters for each word in the name or title of your product
  • When you receive an order, deliver the product to our checkpoint in Ntinda opposite Haruna mall
  • Use bullets to list out general features of your products in the description
  • Use variants\Variations were necessary to avoid product repetition


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