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Start Selling With Suubula

Start Selling with Suubula
Connect with millions of internet users by selling with Suubula.
We enhance visibility of goods and services, create sustainable jobs by availing you a platform to build your brand and market your products.
This opportunity is availed to traders, manufacturers, farmers, wholesale dealers and innovators.
Reduce selling costs, build your brand, embrace competition, connect with the best traders, and add value to your products by trading smart with Suubula

Why Suubula

With Suubula you can transform your used items into money with just a few words, pictures, and clicks on your mouse.
- Interactive dashboard that will hep you manage your shop and grow your sales
- Unlimited space to sell all products on the platform at a free cost
- Prioritizes home-made products such as art pieces, books, foodstuffs, furniture, garments, African wear etc hence creating jobs and sustainable revenue streams for the youth
- Selling on sites like Suubula, you can make more connections from the comfort of your own home than you could in person. 
- We establish a level of trust between buyers and sellers
- Vendors’ products are promoted on various prominent news platforms in East Africa to enhance visibility and promote brands
- Low commission rates, allowing vendors to sell a mountain of products at a low cost
- Suubula is an additional channel to market and sell your products. Have your shop open 24 hours
- Emphasises quality products to ensure buyers get value for money
- We provide transparency: Availability, prices, stock levels are accessible in an open environment.

Requirements to sell with us:

Selling at Suubula is easy! You need the following:
- Seller account with all the details where you include your location, contacts, bank account or mobile money details to ease payments and a passport size photo
- Great images for your products to attract buyers with just a glance at your products
- Sell new and genuine products.
  Keep connected to internet so as to manage your account. 
- Consent to seller terms and conditions and return policy.