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Promotion period: from 11/05/2021 to 11/27/2021

Ush12,000 Ush10,000
You save: Ush2,000
Brand nameCoca cola Size(mls)350
Free delivery
Save 19%
Ush18,000 Ush14,500
You save: Ush3,500
Ush18,200 Ush14,700
You save: Ush3,500


Brand nameCoca cola Size(mls)500
Ush23,500 Ush19,700
You save: Ush3,800
Brand nameCoca cola Size(mls)2000
Free delivery
Save 5%
Ush20,700 Ush19,700
You save: Ush1,000
Brand nameCoca cola Size(mls)2000
Ush24,200 Ush20,100
You save: Ush4,100
Brand nameMinute maid Size(mls)1000
Ush27,000 Ush25,800
You save: Ush1,200
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