About our company

Suubula.com is Uganda's biggest online B2B marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers| Manufacturers. 

Suubula focuses on providing a feasible platform for small and medium, Large Enterprises as well as Individuals. 

Our main objective is to enhance visibility for goods to billions of internet users in Africa; harness people’s diverse skills; create sustainable jobs; enable economic opportunity for manufacturers, farmers; wholesale dealers; traders, and innovators.

Suubula for buyers - Benefits

  • The platform offers the best prices with big discounts on every time
  • Wide range of products
  • Trust between a buyer and a seller
  • Secure payments through the platform
  • Enhanced bargaining power as contacting the seller is easy

Suubula for Sellers| Suppliers| Manufacturers _ Benefits

  • Enhanced visibility of goods to people
  • Increased credibility for your brand to people
  • Free Customer Relationship Management System
  • Vendor panel to control your operations
  • Increase Brand aAwareness
  • Expanded Marketshare with both existing and new products
  • Boosting Sales

The sellers register their products and buyers are able to source listed products from the inventory on the system.