100PCS Solar Connectors Panel Connector Cable with Spanners IP67 Waterproof Male/Female (50 Pairs) ... Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Nixesky 100PCS/50 Pairs ...Spartan Power MC4 solar connectors come with both a male and female connector in each kit. Bulk pricing available, free shipping.This Multi-Contact male MC4 connector comes with the housing and the metal crimp contact. It is intended for use with the Multi-Contact #10 AWG outdoor wire.The MC4 connector is UL rated at 1500 V DC and up to 95 A with the 6AWG PV Cable. MC4-Evo 2 has both UL and IEC certification ratings of 1500 V DC and up to 70 ...This connector is specifically designed for connecting photovoltaic solar systems with high mechanical requirements and extreme weather conditions.Perfect for breaking MC4 connections that have been locked together; Great for tightening cable glands on MC4 connectors; Lightweight and easy to use design.Sunway Solar Panel Connector Tool Works For MC-4 Solar Connectors,Assembly and Disassembly Tool,Metal Spanner Wrenches Crimping Tool For Solar PV System ...Fast and simple assembly and removal. Double seal rings for IP67 waterproof rating. Silver plated contacts for low resistance connections.MC4 connector's size 4mm PV connectors.While small solar panels used for battery charging and similar tasks may not require special ...Signature Solar offers Stäubli MC4 Male and Female Connector to help you connect your PV array and make life simple. These standard MC4 connectors are ...They are commonly used for connecting solar panels. MC4 stands for “Multi-Contact, 4 millimetre”. It is a standard in the renewable energy ...Cable lengths are 10 gauge thickness with a male connector on one end and female on the other. Our MC4 cables come in the following lengths: 3 feet, 10 feet, 15 ...Just like an extension cord has a male plug on one end and a female plug on the other, an MC4 extension cable has a male connector on one end and a female ...MC 4 PV Connector Press Clamp Set Male and Female Plug Solar Panel Adapter Waterproof IP67 LY-2546B. 3 sold. Color : MC4 10pair. LY-2546B. HS-700B.